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Combat Heaven Version 1.20

Started by TechMaster, March 02, 2006, 12:52:47 AM

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CH has been updated to version 1.20.  Its download, however, is still the same as 1.00 because the maker of the game wanted the player to be able to port data from v1.00 to v1.20.

Download: + swf/combatheaven_v0100.swf

Updates: New weapons, new armors, new levels, new jump command (by simply pressing up instead of having to recharge.  Can also switch back to previous recharge type jump by visitnig SET UP menu), new enemies, new bosses, new hidden levels, and the enemy will recoil backward or fall when hit (before the enemy won't do this and only the player will when hit).

Weapon and armor description and prices.

Code Name Price Description
TMG-001 THE VOICE -- Default gun with 50 bullets in magazine.
TMG-013 ANTARES 39000 Light machine gun with 15 magazines.  Fast to recharge and weak compared to most heavy weapons, but stronger than THE VOICE.
TGG-024 TRARS 129000 --
GGX-035 MOMENT 1208000 Dual vulcan heavy machine gun.  120 bullets, fires 2 at a time.  Slow to reload but isn't a problem when by the time you're empty the gun in storage is ready for combat.  It takes about a second or two for it to start shooting, which is it's downfall.
TSG-001 RAIN 19000 The shot gun.  Quite useless with its short range and lack of rapid fire.
TSR-022 HAWK-EYE 54000 Basic sniper rifle.  Increases player view range and has a good amount of fire power.
TPC-020X PIERCE 280000 Sniper rifle with tremendous firepower but has quite a large recoil.  Also extends vision like HAWK-EYE.
MSL-001 PHANTOM-TAILS 75000 The missile launcher.  I never use this guy due to its rather weak firepower.  Its missiles have homing ability.
GRB-013 BOUNDARY 89000 Grenade launcher.  Strong but short in range.  The explosion can hurt the player as well.
NGP-003 ECLIPSE 168000 Hit and run weapon.  ECLIPSE shoots out a spear which attaches itself to the ground or enemy, explodes and damages anything it contacts, including the player.
TBZ-013 AGONY 280000 Bazooka in the game.  Awesome combination with CARDINAL.  It has enough range to hit ground units even at maximum height.  Its shell can penetrate missiles and only explodes from enemy contact, ground contact, or ran out of range.  Don't fire this guy too close to self because it can hurt the player as well.
BMR-250 DESIRE 1500000 Weak laser gun.  It drains the energy bar and takes some time to recharge.  It can penetrate through objects, but overall not a good weapon due to its low attack.
BLD-S05 -not english, but translated to Armor Breaker- 120000 Giant blade with slow attack.  Works wonders with the GALE armor.  No need to recharge, just need to wait until swing is over.
BLD-E14 Glanzen 320000 Laser blade and works similar to 斷甲刀 but with a stronger attack and fasting swing.  Works well with GALE.
BLS-913 GENOS 560000 The chainsaw.  Click once and hold to make it run continuously.  However, doing so will drain the weapon fast and will require the weapon to reload.  Run this baby and just smash into the enemy will result in decent damage.  Contains 99 turns before needing to recharge.
PSR-X71 REQUIEM 28000000 Laser cannon with powerful attack.  It can penetrate through objects and damage multiple targets.  The most damaging weapon in one single hit.  Has 5 magazines.

Code Name Price Description
TAT-001C FANG -- Default armor.  Extra defence when boosting.  Can equip 2 weapons.  Weapon charging available when not used.
TAT-003 GALE 190000 The short range combat armor.  Extra defence when boosting.  Can only equip 1 weapon.  This armor depletes the energy bar very fast when dashing.
TAT-015 JAVELIN 210000 Flying armor.  This armor allows player to soar through the sky without having to press up continuously and instead by just holding the up button.  Can carry 2 weapons but will not reload inactive weapon.  
SAT-070 HORIZON 528000 Also known as the sniper armor, HORIZON grants its user extended view range.  This armor, however, is weak against bombing shells released by fighter or helicopter.
ATS-265 CARDINAL 2650000 If JAVELIN was the flying armor, then CARDINAL is the bee armor.  Just like a bee, CARDINAL can stay in the sky by pressing up two times.  The control is like JAVELIN but it will not fall down when you release the up button.  Tap down to times to return normal.  Can equip 2 weapons but does not reload inactive weapon.  Can stay in the sky as long as the energy bar is not depleted.  Staying in the sky, however, does not require any energy to do so.
TAF-009 -not english- 10006900 The light sabre armor.  The only weapon this armor is allowed is the light sabre.  The sabre is quick in attack and works very like when short range weapons are equipped on GALE.  It does, however, have more ways to attack like the thunder shock which I can only do from time to time.
TAT-001RF SILVER-FANG 35000000 --