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Check it out! It's arms gone wild!

Started by KingMike, December 05, 2005, 12:40:13 AM

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Better than anything advertised on crappy pseudo-TV shows!!

So, I'm finally playing the original Wild Arms, as well as DQ8 (well, it's got the old-school feel, but a fun game nonetheless).
Fun so far, but I'm only a few hours in. So, hope this festival doesn't have anything really important, as it seems it only lasts (decidedly :P ) until the next event. Hope it's got puzzles (even if I'm the only person on earth who likes puzzles in RPGs, though I don't like it when you're randomly attacked while trying to solve puzzles >:( )


Good.  You will like Wild Arms. You'll have to post your mini review of it here when you finish it. I'm still deciding whether I'm going to play Wild Arms: Alter Code F(the PS2 remake of WA1) or not. I don't want to taint the wonderful experience I had with the original by playing a 3D very different version of the same game.

I like a good puzzle or two in an RPG.  However it needs to be done a particular way. I also absolutely HATE mixing random battles with puzzles.  You can't overdue the puzzle element to the point that it's as tedious as random encouters. I also prefer you either have the room ONLY have a puzzle.. or the standard fighting to go foward.  NOT both.  That takes the fun right out of it. Lufia 2 was a good example of making a puzzle RPG NOT fun. Great story, but not a very fun game in my opinion.

Some games can pull off both pretty well though.  The Zelda series as well as Wild Arms both had a nice blend of puzzles and fighting.

Sometimes puzzles are just more difficult than I have patience for and consult a walkthrough. A Balance of everything is hard to achieve, but can make or break that 'fun factor' for the game. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


I am also sure will like it  ;D

Puzzles are the spice in an RPG in my opinion. A RPG can be good without them but they usually enhance the fun in my opinion. If you like the game be sure to check the successors too. Especially in part 3 there is a huge bonus-quest with 20 so called millenium puzzles. They range from very easy to extremly difficult. But you can make it if you think hard enough. The great thing is you are not forced to do them and the puzzles in the dungeons while challenging too are not that hard. But if you do them you get cool and worthwile rewards :)

The remake of WA1 wasn't released in Europe (as always  >:() I hope can play it someday when I have that bootdisc (Thanks again Nightcrawler ;)).

Gideon Zhi

I actually have to agree with the random battles during puzzles thing - it's really, really, really distracting. The nice thing I found about Lufia 2 though was that you could clear an area of monsters 99% of the time without it having an impact on the puzzle, so you could then just be left to solve the puzzle without any interruptions. Zelda's the same way.


... Until you have to cast Reset after you fuck up, and then all the monsters come right back.

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That was actually painful to read.
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