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Combat Heaven Version 1.00

Started by TechMaster, October 31, 2005, 07:00:44 PM

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Official Site:

Game Link:

I know it's not good to steal links from the site, but if you guys can't get the game working in web browser, try to download the game at OfficialSite + swf/combatheaven_v0100.swf

Japanese flash action game.  It's mission based.  Lots of new weapons added since last update (the more stages you beat, the more weapon there is).  Two new armor available (last version did not support changing armor).  Aside from buying weapons, you can also upgrade your current armor.  If you don't like the upgrade result, downgrading armor or selling weapons will not result in any penalty (basically, the total amount of cash you have will always increase, never decreases, but this does not mean the cash you have on hand won't decrease as you buy things).

Missions can be "cleared" or "completed".  A mission is only complete if you defeat its boss.  Every stage has a boss, and they only appear if you meet a certain (hidden, of course) condition.  This condition changes for each stage.

Stages are selectable.  Basically, if you have guts, you can try Stage 11: Nightmare at the very start of the game.  Of course, it is not recommanded to do so.

Just one more thing, the game lags when there is a lot of enemies.  It will speed up dramatically, however, if you decide to fly into the sky where there's no enemy (of course, enemy missiles can still get you).

Edit: I figured out how to reduce lag.  If you're playing in full screen, there will be severe lag.  Reducing the window size, however, will decrease the lag.  Don't minimize the window too small or else you will either have too little lag (some lag is prefered, at least by me, so I can maneuver around) or your mouse could easily go out of the window (which renders your character defenceless, which isn't a good sign).

Direction pad: Directions
Double Click direction pad and hold: Dash
Mouse: Weapon aim
Left Mouse Button: Fire
Ctrl: Change Weapon

Jump (the flying armor does not support this): Hold up to recharge, then release to jump up (or fly up, either way)

Fly (only one armor can do this in game): Hold up