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Mortal combat: shoalin monks: I love it

Started by Tintenfisch, October 10, 2005, 11:52:02 AM

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Now don't be thinking it's another fighting game, NO.  This is a beat'em up game done right.  Yes you heard me.  "But Tinten there's no way a beat'em can be fun any more, tell us how"  Shut up asswad I was getting to that.

Game play:  PLay alone or with a friend (Ko-op).  First of all it's all the basic controls of a beat'em up.  There's quick hit, launch hit (guy goes in air) jump, power hit, block and throw simple enough.  Then using the same buttons while holding down R, makes you do special moves (except with the jump button, freakin bastard).

Anyway when you play campaign (or whatever it's called) you only have two choices to make (but you can unlock 2 more  :o )  And you have to chose between Kung Lau (hat guy) and Lu Kang (funny legs man).  They each have there own special attacks and style of fighting.  But now it gets interesting.  Because now, there are fatalities.  You heard me fatalities.  "But tinten.  How do you put fatalities from a fighting game into a beat;em up? LOL".  Shut up ass ranger, I'm not done.

As you have read you can do fatalieites.  By doing combos on a guy (or Koop combos if you're playing Ko-op) you get a special meter up to do fatalities.  When the meter is full you get to do one.  Hit the fatalitiy button, hit the guy and begin.  Hit a 5 button sequence and if it's right. you do an instant fatalitiy kill (does not work on all guys).  By doing so you get mega points.  And there's not just one fatality, each character has about 15 or so, so get to hitting those buttons (or looking it up at

But that's not all for fatalities.  "What's that tinten? theres more to fatalities?" Step off my grill son and sit down while I tell you.  As you heard ther are more to fatalites.  Such as Multalities.  It's like a fatalitiy only you can hit more than one person and instantly kill them both SUPER DUPER.  But wait THERE'S MORE.  "Holy crap Tinten" I will cut you if you don't shut up and let me finish.

When playing in Ko-op mode and you and your gaming pal both have the fatality bar full.  You can join eachotehr in doing one large fatality move that may kill the guy, but will severely damage everybody if not kill them.

Sound/music: music and mortal combat could never get along.  It's like a clown and a rabid dog that's set off by bright colors in the same room.  The sound though is one of the est features.  It's non stop yelling from the characters with humorous noises fro the objects (including the guy that says "Toasty") it's not the kind of sound that makes you tear your ears off.  But the sound that makes you smile and laugh like after hearing 80 fart noises.

Replay value: You'll probably play through it twice on normal and hard with different characters and maybe comback for VS if you have a bud.

glitches: I found myself in the ground once with my head peaking out.  no worries a jump will remedy that so no problems.

gripes with the game: to short.  About 19 hours if you want to get technical.

that's all for now, stay tuned for ninja gaiden black.
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