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Just picked up four PS2 games.

Started by Gideon Zhi, August 15, 2005, 09:42:37 PM

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Gideon Zhi

I just bought Graffiti Kingdom, Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana, Metal Gear Solid 3, and EverGrace.

Haven't tried MGS3 or EverGrace yet, but here's my impressions of the other two...

Graffiti Kingdom's gameplay seems simplistic so far. 'course, I've only played through one of the worlds and barely started the second, but it feels like a pretty standard action/rpg-ish game where you run around and bash things and collect experience and junk. The nifty part is that the game allows you to actually draw... well, just about anything I suppose. It then fleshes out your drawing into 3D and makes a "demon" out of it, and you can play as the demon you created. I'm not very good at the drawing aspect yet, but it's a cute game and you unlock more sketchbook features as you level up, so I imagine it'll get lots more interesting. The addition of a circle/oval tool would have been helpful though... Can't wait 'til I get to put wings on my drawings so I can make Balrog from Cave Story :)

Atelier Iris is fun so far, but I get the feeling that three hours in I've barely scratched the surface. The main character is an alchemist and can refine elemental energy out of just about anything - whack it with your alchemist pole and if it breaks, you get elemental energy. Energy is divided into a bunch of different categories (stone, water, fire, and so on) and Klein - that's the hero - can call on Mana spirits to form elemental energy into items at literally any time. You can also make items based on recipes at shops, and depending on the quality of the new item that shop may start doing better. I made some foodstuff at the pub with the qualities "sweet and sour" and "deadly odor", and for some reason people just love its deadly odor o_O You can also go hunting for special "monsters" called Growloons, and you get rewards for axing bunches of them. I get the distinct feeling that there's lots more side stuff to do and that I've only really just scratched the surface.

Battles are strictly turn-based according to speed, it seems. Almost all attacks have a range of effect though, and with some characters it's really easy to smack a whole group of enemies all at once. Klein can also synthesize items during battle for immediate use - both healing items and attack items. I found myself relying on Ice Bombs (five parts water each when synthesized with the wood spirit, I haven't found a water spirit yet) at lower levels 'cuz his attacks don't do a whole lot of damage without some levelling.


Metal gear solid 3 is very lack luster.  The bad guys are pretty much this.

"I'm The whyatever....Fight me" But I will admit they give some of the best boss battles ever.  The fight against The End is one of the best boss fights in any game, took me 2 hours to complete.

Tricks to Kill The End before you fight him (which you may have heard)

1: set your clock ahead one week, he'll die of old age (litteraly)

2: there's a spot where you can see him through a sniper, if you shoot him, you won't have to fight him.
Megaman makes everything better.  baking, soccer, racing, radio shows and of course the average pool party.