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Killer 7...Get it

Started by Tintenfisch, August 14, 2005, 01:20:01 PM

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Seems as though the gaming industry decided that it was about time to make something worth while.  Capcom, the lovely makers of CAPtain COMmando (ha ha I get it) have released a master piece of a game known as killer 7.

This plays as a 1st person shooter, 3rd person walker and a puzzle  type of deal.  The movment is like a monorail.  you hold A to go foward and press B to turn around.  It's pretty complicated to explain the controls though.

Killer 7 refers to a man named Smith who has 7 different personalities, who each have their own abilities.  you must use these abilities to get through puzzles and bad guys.

Not to keen on the story yet since I've just reached the third chapter, but from what I can tell it's fair.

Graphics: The graphics stand out right away since it's cell shading.  Thankfully the graphics don't get in the way of game play nor the entertainment.  

sound/music:  The music is nothing to really put on a soundtrack, but it enhanced the enviorment that you're in to give you a good feel.  The sound it perfect in everyway.  Eavrything is on key with a large array of sound files for just about every situation.  The only problem I had was with the characters' speech.  They usually say the same thing over and over again like "yeah fuck you" and such .

Gameplay: This is what makes the game, It has somewhat of a silent hill feel to it in the sense as the clues aren't given to you directly.  As stated before you run in a rail type of deal and when you come across a path to take you have to decide which way you want to go.  But it's not just a simple pick and choose type of deal.  You have to solve puzzles which can really get your panties up in a bunch.  Usually to help solve these puzzles you must take on a different personality with thir own abilities.

Dan smith: magnum, has the ability to launch a demon shot that can tear through anybody.

Kaede smith: pistol with scope, she's the sniper of the Smiths and has the abolity to break through barriers you make come across.

Coyote Smith: custom pistol, has the ability to jump very high and unlock padlocks, the theif of the Smiths.

Con smith: duel pistols: the fast man, runs very fast and shoots very fast.

Kevin Smith (yeah yeah) Invisable man, can pass through security and bad guys by going invisable and taking men out with his Knife.

And Mask de Smith: diuel grenade launchers: can bust through walls and rocks and such.

Garcian Smith: the most importaint of the group: silenced pistol.  His job is to retreive dead bodies.  So if one of you're other characters have died, Garcian goes to get'em back, but if he dies, it's game over.

But that is not all, you are able to up grade you're assassins.  To do this you get blood by killing enemies, depending on how you kill them you can get a lot or none.  Blood is also used for special attacks that you may get from upgrading you assassin or for recovering youre health.

All in all I can't really review a game to well, but I can garentee you as one old gamer who's been there since the begining to another gamers from my time.  Get it, you wont be angered.
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