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Regarding my Emerald Dragon page ...

Started by D--, February 13, 2005, 11:52:54 PM

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Would anyone be interested in taking over the website? I haven't updated in over a year, and I thought maybe someone could find more to add if they're still playing through the game via Nightcrawler's work. I hate to leave it sit like this, and I think in the coming year, I may not be able to keep it hosted.
My only request would be a mention of the period when I maintained it. Someone with some web design experience would be preferable of course ...
Please let me know over AIM or ICQ if you are interested, preferably with a sample of something you've designed and what, if any, ideas you have for the page.


I wouldn't have time to continue to update the page, but I would host the page as an extension of the emerald dragon material on this site(with proper credit of course) if you do run into hosting problems.  We definitely don't want to see your site dissapear since I can count the number of good English Emerald Dragon sites on one finger! - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Yeah, I really can't be updating these pages anymore. Since I started work a few weeks ago it's been painfully clear there's no way in hell I can ever maintain all the stuff I do now at any sort of acceptable level.

I'm trying to get the Emerald Dragon page and COES page passed off to someone else, and hopefully one or two of the translations I've made some headway into. I really want to get back down to where I only have 2 — 3 projects, because with how much I am looking at whenever I sit down, I can never make progress in anything.

I know it's time to do this, because for three months I've been asking myself if it's time.


D man, if you dont mind I had a site (albeit s sucky one) and well I dont know if I could actually do anything but I do have vacation in next week if you want I could at least look at it,  I mean shits been crazy lately (pretty much for everyone especily you) but I dont want to see all the work you did die you know.
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The thing I worry about right now is the space, because I have those 22KHz MP3s downsampled fromt he FM-TOWNS OST. I'd hate to see those go offline (I think it's 20 - 30 MB total).

I miss the days when I used to have the entire radio show online for download.

That reminds me, Nightcrawler, I don't know how often we're ever at the computer at the same time, but I have the entire audio show in higher quality MP3 if you want it. It's about 350MB for all 5 CDs.

I've still never managed to obtain the vocal collection CD.


Was hoping someone would respond tot he above post.

Hey, Nightcrawler, the one thing on the page I'd probably expand more would be the Maps page. If I handed over the site to you, and some time down the road actually make more maps, would you be willing to just edit the HTML and hyperlink the word to the image?

The full list of places is already there, it'd just be adding <a href=""> to an existing word.


I didn't realize the site was so big.  20-30 megs is alot.  Could you maybe host those files somewhere else and the page could link to them there?

I didn't take much interest to the radio show.  My not understanding Japanese is cause of that.

Yeah, I'd be willing to do an occasional link update.  No harm in that. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


It's 15MB with all MP3s/Ogg gone from the website. 8MB of that is ROMs for the very old PC games. I do not keep ROM stuff for the SNES/TG16/FM-TOWNS because two of those machines companies still exist who hold copyrights ot the games. With the oldass PC stuff, it was Glodia direct releases, and Glodia is loooong toast.


Ok.. that sounds better.  It'd be a shame to cut any content though(mp3's etc.).. but I can't take up the full amount of space.  But, something is better than nothing if it has nowhere else to go. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.

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If you need some space, I've got some. My ISP provider has a 10 meg webspace for all members and I've got 9 megs free. I've also got more webspace on a friend's webserver if you need a bit more.
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i have a gig of webspace and 150 gigs of bandwidth if you want to host it on mine ;)


Yeah, that's just the thing, I'm not looking to "host" it anywhere, I'm looking for someone to just take over the site who would, hopefully, work out the hosting on their own.