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Civilization III

Started by Neil, November 30, 2004, 09:49:21 AM

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This is the only game I have played for the past three months. I remain addicted. I recently got the Conquests expansion pack and back in love I am with this game. I've been a big Civ fiend since Civ 1.

I am aware many people hate this game and that very few people have no opinion of it, and therefore I believe it is the topic that will reignite this otherwise dead board.



I did play civilization 1 a lot. Though never played the other ones. So can't say much about those. I mainly played civilization 1 out of boredom. Because the game kept continueing... Though it isn't really my type of game.

I believe it has an good concept. Just isn't made for me.
Started playing an Rpg. I just never stopped...


I am aware many people hate this game and that very few people have no opinion of it, and therefore I believe it is the topic that will reignite this otherwise dead board.

If you had poked around more often, you'd probably know this is commonplace on this board.  It often goes for weeks on end dead as lump on a log and then all the sudden will bustle with business calling for daily visits reading new daily posts!

I don't understand it myself. I suppose it's about time to make this board bustle again.  I'm going to go make a few new topics! May Neil's topic be an inspiration to us all! Post! Post! Post!

By the way, I've never played any Civilization game, and therefore can contribute absolutely nothing relevant to this topic! - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Civilization is a game for the micromanager. If you spend hours in an RPG customizing your characters equipment, levels, and spells, it's the type of game for you. Or something.

But yes, Post, Post, Post.


Haven't played it. (well, it's a post  ;D)

Great Red Spirit

Well, I've played it ;)

I originally played CivNet when I was young, too young (I remember something similar to 'You buggers (advisors) want me to build city walls? Bah! I'll build the GREAT WALL! Now shut up!')

For Civ2, I got a lot better. Heck, once I was flying around in airplanes before 1000AD, or in WW2, I remade the Ottoman Empire (I did cheat though, the Turks couldn't change their gov't, so I fixed that :P), but the Allies made the Manhatten Project and the Axis nuked me, so I had to pay wads of cash for a cease fire (until I get anti-nuke technology :P)

Civ3, I'm not quite as good. In Civ2, I could do crazy initial expansion, but I can't pull it off in Civ3. However, I do become a science whore, and I sell it off to other civilizations for gold/turn so I can put more taxes into science (100% science and forking in about 150-200 gold/turn was my high I believe)
In the end, mutual protection pacts started a rediculously huge and insane war (I was at war with most of my allies due to those dumb pacts  :-X), and my modern armor (attack 20+, I think the actual value is 32) was losing, horribly, to riflemen (defence 6)...
I ultimately reloaded before the war, severed all of my protectoin pacts, and went on an ICBM building-spree. Eventually I just launched them all at everyone next to me, and the protection pacts started flying everwhere again. It was me vs. the world, and that war was going about as well as my modern armor against guys with dinky guns :P
Next time, when I get round to Civ3 again, I'm going to try a new strategy (I think I did finish that round though, via a spaceship victory with 2 turns to spare before the mandatory end of the game)
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