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Game of the week (13)

Started by Rpgfreak, April 05, 2004, 02:50:56 AM

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As people suggested to have it weekly instead of monthly, I will try finding a game for every week.

As for this week I choose an smaller game which is probably less known. The game is Monstania. A strategy RPG. I found this game quite short but fun to play once.
Started playing an Rpg. I just never stopped...

Gideon Zhi

Speaking as the lead hacker behind the Monstania project, there are a few glaring no-nos that I did in my hack of the game, and I still want to go through and revise the script so it doesn't sound less... corny. And add the gigantic ! marks back into the script. Heh.

The game itself is a blast, though. There's some replay in there too -- early in the game (at the inn and at the crossroads) your path can split into diverging scenarios. They join back up with the main scenario, admittedly, but you get to meet different people and fight different things. It's also short, which is really nice -- I barely have the time or patience for long games these days.


I have yet to play Monstania, but it is on 'the list'.  However, the list is growing beyond comprehensible numbers!  As each day games get added, but none get taken away.  ;D - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


That was a good, fun, short game (I think it took about 4-6 hours to beat, which was nice).
I thought the graphics were nice, and the story fun.
Though that final boss was very easy (but took a little while).


I liked the game alot.  Although not my favorite, I have to admit, it's a good game.  Good gameplay, nice story.  One annoying stage I believe.  A bit short, but doesn't drag its feet trying to make the game longer.  I'd rather play a clear crisp game that is shorter than playing a 100 hour game that drag the player through very slowly.


I know it has one annoying stage. I really hated those worms (Level at the lab on an island, repelling worms).
Started playing an Rpg. I just never stopped...