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A change of heart?

Started by KingMike, March 19, 2004, 11:21:45 PM

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Just posted something over at the emuxhaven board, and realized a new topic I could make for new-topic-starved (or so he says  :D) Nightcrawler's board.
Have you played any games where your opinion on them changed over time (either a good game now seems dull, or a game you disliked now you find enjoyable)?
My example was Taz-Mania for the SNES. Used to love that game, renting a lot as a kid. Bought up a used copy a little while ago. Where as I used to find it funny when Taz got run over by oncoming traffic (along with the other, similar cartoonish violence), I found the starts and stops that result from it rather frustrating. Maybe I've just become a more impatient gamer? :'( Still kinda fun, just not the great game I remember.
There's probably others, but this was just the one that sparked the idea.

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Mario Brothers 1 :P
When I first played, it was a major headache, my goal was just to simply get to world 8 as quickly as possible (via warpzones), and I don't remember having any real fun...
But a few months ago, a friend and I hooked up his NES and beat the game, world 1 to world 8 completely, we had a great time playing the game :D
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I remember playing Lufia on the snes. I had a lot of fun. Finished it and still had fun with the old cave. I played it down to level 90 on the snes. That took me a whole day to get there. Only to find myself coming upon some dragons that just whiped out my party with just 2 hits.
Stubborn guy that I am, I did the cave again. Coming upon some slime in level 99. Only to come to the conclusion I had to damage that slime so much to kill him in just 3 turns that it wasn't funny anymore. After that I didn't give the game a look anymore.
I really dislike it now as there is no normal way I can finish that cave as it will take you forever just to get to that last extra boss. And then that thing simply runs away! Can you imagine me playing 16 hours non-stop to get there and then just seeing that I can't finish the cave, not because I die, but because of some stupid slime that runs away?
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I remember I didn't like ToP much when I first played it through emulation.  I wasn't very used to Japanese only games back then.  I like it now, and the series.

I used to love CT.  Yeah, one of the so called 'fanboys'.  I got over it now and only look at it as a good game.  In a way, you can say I have a more reasonable judgement on the game's rating now than what I had before.


That very type of thing makes me hesitant to replay alot of old games that I really loved.  It's depressing to finally get to play that old favorite classic again only to find that you don't find it very enjoyable anymore and wondered how you could think so highly of said game to begin with.

However, on the opposite side of things, when you replay that old favorite and it is still a bunch of fun, it really makes you feel good. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Yeah, when I passed Terranigma again a while back, it was even better. It seemed to stand the test of time.

As for the changing mind thing, I had that with ToP. It just seemed to die on me, when you're in the new world or whatever happens, with all these places to explore but no storyline to bond it. I still explored the joints to get the good summons and passed the game but it felt a bit like work. Perhaps that wasn't exactly the time difference you meant, though.