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Game Endings.

Started by Nightcrawler, February 27, 2004, 12:25:00 PM

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Princess has inspired me to create this topic about game endings.  I guess I'm focusing on RPG's but any game can be mentioned.

What is the best game ending you've ever seen?

What is the longest game ending you've ever seen?

What is the crappiest game ending you've ever seen? - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Best game ending?  Probably Baldr Bullet.  Not just the ending, but the story as a whole as good.  It's multi-ending, and despite there's some endings considered by people as the "best" ending in the game and others saying otherwise, the endings are quite even.  Well, some are similar, but the outcome can be completely different.  One thing though, is why the heck the Japanese had to makes these games 18+ when they could've just "not" add in some of those nasty parts.  Baldr Bullet Chinese is a good example that such a game "doesn't" need those things to be good.

Longest ending?  Not sure, since some games allow the player to do stuff in the endings (Terranigma for example) which litterally extend the ending to be five billion hours long if you want it to.  Therefore, I'm not going to comment on this one.

Crappiest ending?  If I post this on a major game site like GameFAQs I'll get swamped with flames, but Chrono Trigger gets my pick on this one.  The main reason is that there are too many endings that are just....irrelvent.  There's few main endings and too many sub endings.  Definitely "not" a good example for a multi-ending game.

Great Red Spirit

Best: FF8 had a good ending. The begining was trippy, then it got a bit boring, then it got funny with the camera at the Garden. That was cool. Threads of Fate has a nice ending, and it had me wishing for a sequel :)

Longest: FF6... or FF4. It's been a while since I beat either one, but I do remember length being significant in both...
Oh, and Earthbound. Another perpetual ending. I never bothered to talk to everyone...

Crappiest: *brain explodes*
Okay, if I can only pick one... and if it has to be from a (somewhat) recent game... Legend of Mana. But that didn't really have much plot to end... same with Breath of Fire 3. It was just walking, scene, end... bleh...
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Gideon Zhi

I will admit that the best part of FF8 was the ending, especially seeing wotsisface choke on a hotdog.


Personally, my favourite ending is still Terranigma's. The game flows through well to the end, which I thought was nice. Also, a good twist on the happy ending theme.


Terranigna would have the best game ending for all Snes games in my opinion. But I think FF 8 is still better. I especially like the time loop they created in the end.
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I didn't so much dislike Chrono Trigger's endings as I did Chrono Chross's endings.  

I thought Chrono Cross was much worse.  At least the main ending in Chrono Trigger was decent.  The main ending in Chrono Cross just plain sucked and gave me no motivation to see any other 'sucky' endings.

FF8 did indeed have a nice ending.  I know alot of people hate that game, but I kinda liked it.  It had some rough edges, but otherwise was a solid game.

That hotdog scene was good for a laugh though. :)

FF6 has a 31 minute ending or something like that from last boss hit to the end screen.  FF4 was 20 some.  I actually timed them years ago.

I liked the ending to FF4 and FF6 though.  More so FF6.  I loved the soundtrack and the storybook page flipping to each person. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.