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Started by honookatana, February 03, 2004, 11:11:18 AM

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Seeing as there's a total of 0 posts in 'the competition', someone just has to post any old crap to win. So, here it is....

This thread is about games based on great non-games things that you think would break the run of ducks they have previously had when made into games. 'run of ducks' is a cricket term. A duck is getting out for 0. Hence, a run of ducks is a lot of failure.

Lord of the Rings : I enjoyed the Two Towers and Return of the King games but I have a game I'd love to see. LotR Shogun : Total War style. There's just something about seeing your 1000 man army fighting another 1000 man army that's just so great. It really helps convey a large scale.

On a side note, I played a demo of War of the Ring and I wasn't impressed. I guess I was expecting something like Battle Realms from Liquid.

Transformers : I can't think of anything right now but there must be some way to do this great show justice.

Gideon Zhi

Incidentally, the film may not be out yet, but if they let Konami do a Castlevania-style game based on the Van Helsing film, I bet it would kick major arse.


You mean a Castlevania 64 kind of game? :P

You might be interested in this :

Gideon Zhi

I was thinking more along the lines of SotN or LoI than Devil May Cry :p


Alright! An entry!  :o

I hope you mean the original Transformers and not Beast Wars or Armada.

No video game to date has ever really done Transformers justics, and I doubt one ever will.

On a side note, I have all 98 episodes of the original Transformers series.

Speaking of army battles.  I heard that in Suikoden 1 you get to have armies fight each other.  Is that fun? - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


I think you should just enter everyone in retrospectively.

Of course I mean the original Transformers. What do you take me for? There's a reason Optimus Prime is called konboi in Japan and that's because he's a damn semi, not a fire engine. They already had a fire engine.

I think you could make a good game about Transformers but you'd have to put some effort into it. One hard part is that you don't really want to make a game that just follows the storyline of the anime.

A game I would love to see is a real Jackie Chan game. One where you can jump everywhere, fight with everything and so on.

I never managed to see all the transformers episodes. It's a real shame.

Yeah, there're army battles in Suikoden. In every version, it's done differently (unless the bit I saw in 3 with the linked dots was just for that part). The first one was ok but I much prefer the second one. The first one was pretty much rock-paper-scissors and hope for the best. The second was a turn-based strategy with more skills and stuff chucked in.

The army is what I like about Suikoden games. It really involves you more. You're not just some group of guys that defeats a whole world, you're more than that and so are they.


I've definitely got to make it a point to play through the Suikoden series.  I've played about 2 hours of the first two and liked them both.  I just never finished them.

A Transformers game with the original voice actors would be awsome too.  Maybe a game based on the Transformers movie would be good.  I loved that movie. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.