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Translation Patches
Tenshi No Uta/Song of the Angel English Translation Patch
Glory of Heracles IV English Translation Patch
Emerald Dragon English Translation Patch
Dual Orb 2 English Translation Patch
Cho Mahou Tairyku Wozz English Translation Patch
Tenshi No Uta/Song of the Angel Spanish Translation Patch
Emerald Dragon Spanish Translation Patch
Dual Orb 2 Polish Translation Patch
Dual Orb 2 Spanish Translation Patch
Dual Orb 2 Soundtrack
Cho Mahou Tairyku Wozz
Emerald Dragon Soundtrack
Tenshi No Uta Soundtrack
Herakles IV Soundtrack
Glory of Heracles IV Misc.
World Map
Dual Orb 2 Misc.
Barrel Puzzle Solution
Wozz Misc.
Wozz Intro Manga Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Wozz Manual Intro manual1.txt
Character Manual Bios manualbios.txt
Original Wozz Concept Art WozzMonsterArt.zip