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14 October 2018 11:31AM
The Angel has Sung!

The time for release is NOW! Thanks to years of continued TransCorp dedication, the time has come to introduce the Tenshi No Uta/Song of the Angel series to English audiences! For the first time ever, you will have the opportunity to delve into a series with angels, demons, and love at its core. Once more we’ve spent hundreds of hours on a project across a number of years to bring some of the best hacking work you’re going to see from a fan translation on the SNES platform. Our ROM hacking art project is now on full display for your enjoyment! As an added bonus, we’ve fixed a number of detrimental original game bugs too!

All of the long winded project details can be found in the readme file. I highly urge you to browse through it. The patch was tested on all major emulators as well as the real hardware. Feel free to stop on by the message board and share your opinions, thoughts, and any issues or suggestions you may have!

Go play it now! It is simply… angelic!

Song of the Angel Project Page

Song of the Angel Readme


20 July 2018 8:46PM
Tenshi No Uta Enters Beta!

Much work has been done since the last update. Two rounds of script editing were completed, all hacking was finalized, and all bugs were fixed that were found during initial play through! That means the game is fully playable, and everything is ready for beta testing!

A small team has been assembled and the beta testing phase is underway. This is the last stop before release. We don’t expect any major issues as the game has already been played through internally by our translator and script editor.

The next update will likely confirm an expected release time! Rejoice and let the anticipation build as the Song of the Angel will be sung for the world to hear in English soon!


19 April 2018 4:36PM
Script Editor Needed

The remaining bits of misc translation work have now been finished! I have been working on a finalization pass of the hacking work now that everything is in place. As you can see from the screenshots, everything is looking great!

The script really needs some editing now. The original translator will only be able to do a first pass accuracy check . We will need a second pass where the bulk of the cleanup editing would be done for grammar, consistency, clarity, etc. We are ideally looking for someone with an English major, and/or strong demonstrable skills of past editing work. An added bonus if it is ROM hacking or gaming related. We’re looking to polish the project up to release grade standards now and need a dedicated, serious individual to do so.

Please Contact Me if interested in the editing position.

After we get an editor lined up, we’ll have a more clear timeline again on how close we are to beta testing. I am trying to push things along as best I can with all involved. We’re getting close and things are getting exciting!


29 November 2017 3:54PM
Seeking Additional Translation and Editing Help

Tenshi No Uta

It turns out our translator and script editor Liana was never able to return to work on the project again. I haven’t been able to even get any responses to my e-mails. That’s how life goes with child number two, I guess! Having done early play testing and taking project inventory, there are still scattered untranslated bits that need to be done as well as script editing.

So, we are looking for a new translator to help push the project over the finish line. Preferably, we need someone familiar with Tenshi No Uta, having played the game and/or other games in the series. It would also be good to have some prior experience on another ROM hacking translation project. It’s a bonus if you can also do script editing, but we don’t expect miracles and can recruit someone else for that part!

Let me know if you’re interested in the job/s and what your qualifications may be. All hacking work is complete sans a finalization pass when all is in place. Otherwise my hands are tied for completing this project.