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26 August 2001 3:00AM
New Message Board up HERE!!!!

It’s been awhile since I updated. Firstly, as you can see I have added a new message board for you all to use!! It will hopefully make the site a little more enjoyable for you all. I hope a lot of you use it so my time spent setting it up and installing it were not in vein! : ) It’s a way for you to show appreciation for my work on Do2 as well! As far as Do2, I’ve translated the battle menu (check the screenshots page), and figured out the shop menus. The only thing holding me back from a beta patch release is the Items. I haven’t been able to figure out how they work. They use a compressed font. If the majority of you however don’t care too much about items, then E-mail me and let me know. I can simply release a patch without them! I love getting e-mails(except SPAM!) so don’t hesitate! More site updates are in the works. So sections will be updated. As always keep checking back. I will try to update a bit more than I have been lately!


18 August 2001 3:00AM
Life Happens

Well here is the latest. Things will be progressing rather slow over the next week or two due to a few things. One of which is I have been busy working a lot, and busy with college. The other is the fact that my girlfriend is going back to college soon which is about 3 hours away from me, so I will be spending more time with her before she goes. As far as the translation, I am going to delay a patch release for a little bit, as I have neglected some things that you will probably need to play the game. I never translated the battle menu yet! haha I have been concentrating so much on the dialog, I haven’t done much in other parts of the game. I would like to at least translate the battle commands and possibly some after battle text. As well as possibly some items before a patch release. Technically, you wouldn’t think it would take long for battle commands and battle text. However, Dual Orb 2 is the game from hell, and no text routine is coded the same, so it may present a challenge. Keep checking back though because I still have lots of things I am in the process of doing as far as the translation and the web site. I will keep you all posted. Have a nice day! : )


12 August 2001 3:00AM
64 CHARACTER LIMIT HAS BEEN SHATTERED!! Nightcrawler ASM god?? Hell no! but...he's not half bad!

Hey! Good news to report on this update. Firstly, I have finished the move to http://transcorp.parodius.com!! As you probably already know I have obliterated that pesky annoying 64 character limit!! YAY!!! I rewrote the 8×16 implementation myself and then cracked the limit. So the font routine is now mine to control!! There are a few minor bugs to be worked out with it, then I can hopefully move ahead and get some things done. Many good things lay in the near future! I will be updating a lot of the web site as most sections have not been updated recently. Also, we are getting nearer to a small beta patch release so you can try things out, however every time I say that more annoying pesky obstacles come up. So do stay tuned!! More updates to come! Oh, one last thing. I put up a link to the FAQ at the botton of the page.


05 August 2001 3:00AM
We’re Moving!

Hey! I have been pretty busy lately and haven’t had much time to work. Firstly, we will be moving to Parodius!A big thanks to to Koitsu and Neil_ for that! I am still in the midst of trying to rewrite the font routine. I’ve decided to shelve variable width for now, and concentrate on overcoming the 64 character limit. After that is complete, then I can work on variable width at anytime. The 64 character limit is definitely the problem that requires my attention the most. Since I have been mostly a one man team. The rest of the project is paused awaiting me to sort out the font routine. Keep checking back for the latest!


01 August 2001 3:00AM

I’m looking for a new host for this page… I’ve already been bothered by Earthlink for bandwidth. Kinda sad since I don’t have many visitors. So if anyone wants to host the page, E-mail me! Also if you guys would would put up a link to my page it would be appreciated. I’d like for more than 10 people to read my updates! haha. As you can see from the screenshots below progress is going well! Since the update below (July 28th) I have found that I can only have 64 characters total in the text box which is only 3 dialog lines. I already have a solution I am working on. I am working on variable font as well. Soon as those two things are complete. A patch will be released with the the intro translated, a small bit of the game, as well as the menus. I should be able to pick up the pace at that point with most of the hard obstacles overcome! Keep checking back for updates! I update a lot!


28 July 2001 3:00AM
Menus Galore!

Good News to Report this time! Firstly the biggest news would have to be the 8×16 font implementation. A big thanks goes out to Byuu for that! What a swell guy! = ) I finally figured out the menu, so most of that is done now. The ROM has been expanded, so I don’t have to worry about overcoming space constraints. Part of the intro has been inserted. I am still testing the dumping-insertion process. Basically, we are good to go as you can see from these screen shots below! I feel a patch release coming on soon! I’d like to work on the battle menus a bit before a patch release, but we’ll see. I’m just really anxious to get something out there for you guys to play the game with and try it out! The progress page was updated a little bit. Basically, a rehash of what I’ve said here and a little bit more. Updated the screenshots too. Thats about it. Adios!


21 July 2001 3:00AM
Font Problems

Here’s the latest. The script block dumps are coming out fine and I have already dumped some of the intro and had it translated. I have an English table and reinsertion looks good. However, thats where the good news ends. The game uses 16×16 font. This is not feasible in English the way it is. I need to modify it to an 8×16 font or a variable width font. This is not too much of a problem, but for me it is because my font skills are lacking. If anyone wants to help me implement an 8×16 font or variable width font please E-mail me right away. Once this obstacle is overcome, I can concentrate on dumping the rest of the script and having it translated. Also, if anyone knows much about how menu text is stored let me know. This game uses an interesting way of doing the menu. Lastly, there was a small update on the progress page.


18 July 2001 3:00AM
The Wheels are Turning

OK, new update. I added a few links to the link page. Check them out if you have time. Most likely you already know about their pages anyway. Remember, if you want me to link your page, e-mail me! I updated the progress page with the details on whats going on now. Basically, I caught up with Bongo. We discussed the game. With his help the table is complete now. I dumped the menu text, it has been translated. However, I’m having a problem figuring out how the menu text works. The dialoge seems under control and I could dump the intro perhaps and have it translated. But, what good is that for a patch if you can’t play anything because the menu isn’t translated! Oh and one last thing. I fixed the link to the game at the bottom of this page for those of you saying it didn’t work. It’s to a different site now. Just e-mail me if that site happens to go down too and I’ll get another!


15 July 2001 3:00AM
The Return of Translation Corporation!

Yes, Translation Corporation is back after a long absence from the translation scene. Most of you probably don’t remember us. For Nostolgia’s sake HERE is the link to our old page. We were working on ff3j until I was in a severe car accident. Now a new project has been introduced. Dual Orb 2 is the name of the game. Quite possibly could be one of the greatest RPGs out there for SNES. Only time will tell. All I can say is the music in this game is great and it seems like a wonderful gem of a game. Also, I have decided to keep the name Translation Corporation because of that cool animated logo and nostalgic reasons, however right now it is a one man team. It’s more of an independent translation as I am the only one currently working on it. I will recruit a translator however when I get a script dump because that I can’t do alone. Anyone interested in possibly joining me E-mail me. Also, since I have lost my contact list from years ago, if anyone that used to work on the ff3j project with me drop me a line. Even if I just talked to you on ICQ or something like that, it will be fun to hear from you!


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