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20 November 2005 3:00AM
The Usual Update

No eye candy or any significant developments to report this time around. We have a little Wozz news to report and some of it isn’t all good. Wozz has still been the focus and there hasn’t been any time for any of the other projects lately. My time has been spread a little thin lately due to my latest hobby project, which for those who don’t know already is a new Romhacking/Translation web site to combine contents of the old Romhacking.com and The Whirlpool. Details can be found on the forums in the Romhacking section. But that’s not related to Transcorp, so on with the Transcorp related news.


We’ve got a little good news and a little bad news. Which should I start with? I pick the good news. The good news is that I received an edited Wozz script back from the editor and inserted it into the game. It looks like the script is in its final form minus a small round of changes when the editor does a final play through. However, a final play through is not possible yet due to several issues and bugs. That leads to the bad news.

Things were going along good until I went through and tried to finish up some odds and ends that were never quite finished. I found some additional battle text I didn’t know existed and have run into some tough problems. The battle text in Wozz is completely hard coded. Each string is specifically loaded and/or pieced together in it’s own piece of assembly code. There is no way for me to dump the text and each string must be handled individually and some assembly editing for each one. This is probably the most unfriendly format text can be in for a hacker. I believe Dragon Quest 5 also had some text stored like this. It’s tedious and time consuming. And to top it off, I ran into some problems inserting some expanded battle text strings. It is unlike any of the other text in the game and fails to work with my expansion code. So, I need to modify some code and continue on with this very tedious task. So, this has been a pretty significant slow down for the project.

This is frustrating times for me and the Wozz project. I’m sitting here with a game that is fully translated, but is plagued with several crashing bugs and tedious issues to work out. It is simply not playable yet despite 100% of the dialog text being inserted. I’m doing my best to truck on through these issues to make something release worthy, but it’s not easy and it’s certainly time consuming. So, we’ll have to see how things go. I’m eager to wrap this project up, but can only do so much.

On a side note, I have completed scripts(first round anyway) for Emerald Dragon and Tenshi No Uta now. These projects will resume as soon as Wozz is finished up, however short or long duration of time that may be. ;) So, let’s keep hoping for the best!


17 September 2005 3:00AM
Wozz Mega Update

Greetings to all from the man who crawls in the night! THE Nightcrawler of the translation scene is back again to bring YOU the news you’ve been wondering about. All concentration as of late has been on Wozz. The other projects have been in the backseat for a little while waiting for Wozz, but they are very healthy indeed and new developments for them are not far off. They were all completed to a good pausing point.

The Wozz project page has been updated with some odds and ends related to Wozz including the manual intro manga translated by Jonny and Akujin(which I apologetically forgot to include on the site last time I updated). Also added for Wozz was a link to an original concept artist’s page, and translated excerpts of the character bios and beginning of the manual! These items have also been added to the download page. Go get them while they’re hot! IN ADDITION: I added the soundtracks to Tenshi No Uta, Herakles IV, AND Emerald Dragon. Wow! Go me for updating! Anyway, let’s dive right into the Wozz news!


Things have been going steady and great as of late for Wozz. As you can see from the screenshots, the focus has been taking care of misc. text and things that have been overlooked until now. The main things I took care of include the treasure and skill text, after battle text, ‘Telepa-Box’ text, and place names! I kept finding more and more odds and ends that I had forgotten to translate and/or simply missed! However, I have been knocking them out faster than ever before! Everything is coming together. The edited main dialog script is just about complete and I anticipate going into second round beta in the near future!

I suppose I should address the most recent RPGOne update as it has caused a little bit of discussion here and there and people have been inquiring. It’s really plain and simple. Due to ChrisRPG’s inability to handle private and public communications, all future collaboration and partnership has been terminated. And that’s all I have to say about that.

This really isn’t going to effect the Wozz project. It will be completed and it will be 100% translated. The amount of polish on the first public patch is left up in the air yet, but it will be perfectly playable. So, the train is moving right along full speed ahead! Enjoy and seize the day at end! Cheers!


19 August 2005 3:00AM
Back up and running again!

Hey! This is just a quick update to let everyone know I am back online and back to work! I knew Verizon was going to be trouble and boy was I right! Took them nearly a month to straighten everything out and I still lost my e-mail address! I had to submit a complaint to the BPU(Board of Public Utilities) for the crappy service I got. So, finally at long last I’ve settled in after moving, gotten some net service, and life has started to resemble a state of normalcy again!

Just to let everyone know, my old e-mail address is no longer working. I have updated the bottom of the page with the new address. The new address is crawlerNOSPAM@parodius.com(Of course take out the NOSPAM part!). While not much has gone on in the last month, there has been a small bit of romhacking news.


The first round of testing is coming to an end. One of my testers has completed the game, and between the three of them, they’ve done a great job reporting many technical script issues, missed strings, and bringing several other things to my attention. I fixed several crashing bugs and have gotten to work taking care of the missed strings. I am in the process of redumping with the missed strings and sending them off to be translated. There were only about 30 or so missed strings in the entire game and they were caused by 2 shortcomings in the dumper detecting text in Wozz’s scripting blocks.

In the meantime, the script editor has been working hard on editing the rest of the script. In the coming weeks, I will finish taking care of the missed strings, and start working on the reported script issues and a few things I glanced over. Upon completion of the editing, and fixing the reported issues, I will start a second round with the way the ‘final’ dialog should be. I’m still debating what I’m going to do with the 8×8 after the ‘fallout’. I have a temporary translation for everything in place which I may use for a public patch until I get motivated enough to do the work the right way. If anyone out there is reading this and is interesting in doing some Wozz 8×8 work, please by all means let me know. I’m still fed up with the whole situation with RPGOne and haven’t touched it aside from getting a rough temporary translation in place for everything.

That will do it for this update. The next update should be full of more juicy information as now that things are normal again, I should have a bit more time to devote to working on these projects! The scripts for Tenshi No Uta and Emerald Dragon are both very far along and it is time to look into working out the kinks for insertion in both those games. With that.. Nightcrawler Out!


12 July 2005 3:00AM
A litte downtime coming and more Wozz news!

Hello Transcorp fans. This is just going to be a quick update on where things stand. Things have been very busy for me lately because I’m moving! I’ll be moving into a better place and living with my girlfriend! ;) Yes, it’s true.. some romhackers DO have a girlfriends and lives! So, I’ll be without net access for awhile. So, I don’t know when you’ll hear from me again or even if I will have the same e-mail address. I’ll be sure to inform everyone when I am back online and if my e-mail has changed. So, if anyone needs to contact me in the next few weeks, hold off if you can. Chances are I will still be able to get all my e-mails anyway, but who knows. I don’t trust Verizon! Now onto the Wozz update!


Things are still going strong for Wozz except for ChrisRPG’s lack of help. I’ll get to that in a sec. The first round of technical beta testing has begun and I have been busy logging untranslated strings and fixing crashing bugs. There are a good handful of issues to work out, but all in all, it’s basically playable. The script is currently being edited and I expect to have the final draft script in the near future. So, things are going great there. Now onto what’s not going great.

Apparently ChrisRPG and I have fallen out. (Prepare for the.. *scene drama*! haha) He was responsible for alot of the 8×8 work in Wozz. He promised to do a whole bunch of work and has been reassuring me since September 2004 that it was getting done and not to worry. He gave me no indication that he would not do the work. He promised Wozz would be a priority and it would get done. To this day, he has pretty much delivered NOTHING. So, now I have a huge pile of somewhat incomplete work that Jonny gave me that is relying on Chris’s work. Chris showed no desire to finish any of it. And with nothing to show since September of last year, I am forced to deal with it myself as the rest of the project is coming to a close.

So, unless ChrisRPG magically decides to do any work, I will have to redo a whole hell of alot of work. When confronted, he claimed other things in life took priority. Normally, that would be fine. But don’t lead me on for almost a year while 2 other people are depending on your work, and give no hint that nothing is getting done or you’re not going to be able to do it until the end.

In light of that, I am trying to sort of morph the work that Jonny gave me that does work on it’s own with some of the 8×8 from Akujin’s old patch to have some sort of temporary solution(meaning I would release an intermediate patch like that) since it will probably take quite some time for me to do all the 8×8 the right way. I’m disgusted with that portion of the project and don’t want anything to do with it at present time so I will be focusing on fixing up the dialog issues.

Before I go, I’d like to address an unfortunate event that has happened to another fellow hacker. As you may have read, fellow hacker Kammedo(of YnT) has recently been involved in a serious car accident. It is truly eerie that another veteran hacker has been in a severe accident. Myself and Darkforce of DeJap were also involved in serious accidents in the past. I can really feel for him since I’ve been there before. But, we are all tough SOB’s and come back stronger than ever! So, I’d like to wish a public speedy recovery to Kammedo on behalf of Transcorp and it’s fans. With that, I’m signing off for an indefinite amount of time! Hopefully it will only be for a couple of weeks. See ya!


17 May 2005 3:00AM

Wow.. I’ve got to say the last several weeks have really been an upset here at TransCorp. I still haven’t recovered from all the things that have been going on. As you can see from the screenshots, there’s been a ton of progress lately! I’ve been working like a dog and devoted much of my time to moving Wozz closer to completion! But that’s not all! There have been several other bits of news related to Tenshi No Uta as well! The past several weeks have more than made up for the lack of progress over the past few months. I’ve updated the Wozz progress page, and screenshots page. Enjoy the news! I know I did!


AKUJIN CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD…*AGAIN*!! After over *1 year* of silence, I get a nice friendly e-mail from Akujin with a completed Wozz script like he never missed a day! I nearly had a heart attack! That gave me renewed motivation to get back in gear on Wozz. I pulled that sucker off the backburner and cooked a full course meal! I fixed all of the previous bugs I was having with inserter. Then I went to work on a new script formatter for Wozz. I finished that as well. THEN.. I said.. I came this far.. why not keep on going! So, I proceeded to insert all 249 blocks of text back into the game and work out problems as I went along. So, now.. here we are.. All 249 blocks are inserted back into the game!

So, what happens now? Next will be overlapping action time! I will be sending the current script out to an editor for a final revision. During this time, I will have some people beta testing(Sorry, closed beta) the game with current script revision inserted to address all the technical issues that will be discovered with the inserted script. I have play tested about 2 hours with the inserted script and have found a few issues that need to be worked out already. When the playtesting is completed and all the kinks are worked out, I will insert the final script and a final beta test session will begin. That should do it and officially complete the project on my end!

I have been in contact with ChrisRPG in regards to the other side of the translation. Things are coming along with the menus, items, etc.. Chris is interested in doing an 8×8 VWF for the item names and some other work. Hopefully we can start combining work soon and our finishing times will coincide with each other.

So, all the new work is behind us now. All that remains is improving what we’ve already got! So, be prepared because it’s a sure thing.. Wozz *IS* coming!

Tenshi No Uta

Good fortune has also smiled on the Tenshi No Uta project. I spent a good deal of time working on my dumper in hopes to finally really get the text out of the game this time! It was no easy task and probably one of the most complex tasks I’ve done yet! Rest assured, I did it nonetheless. But that’s not all! Not only did I dump the script, but I also got a translator to translate it! She has been doing a very good job so far and shown a genuine passion for the game. I feel confident that she will see the project to completion AND do it in a timely manner! That’s saying alot! Things are moving right along with Tenshi No Uta!

The progress fairy sure did sprinkle some progress dust on TransCorp lately! I’m going to try and get out of this horrible quarterly update habit I’ve been getting into and update more.. So.. keep checking back. I’m looking for a backup script editor for the Wozz script. If you are interested, e-mail me or drop me a line on the message board. May you all have a great day!


25 February 2005 3:00AM
A less than stellar start to 2005...

Greetings once again. Unfortunately, every update can’t be filled with good news and this is one of those times. In fact, I’m probably going to sound like a broken record in this update. At least I got rid of those outdated Christmas lights though! After finishing work on the Emerald Dragon teaser patch, I took a small vacation from romhacking. I got back into game development and have been working on a 2d/3d Direct3D engine and working on a Mario clone as a test game. That’s been pretty fun, but don’t worry, I plan on getting back to work on Tenshi No Uta in the near future. Now, I present you with the bad news which I cleverly buffered with this more upbeat intro paragraph! I guess I did learn something at college afterall! ;)


The status of Wozz remains unchanged. It’s virtually complete minus the script. No one has volunteered to translate the Wozz script yet. Wozz will remain on the backburner until someone steps forward to translate the script. It’s a shame being that Wozz is so close to completion. If anyone is up to the challenge of translating Wozz, please contact me as soon as possible again via the board or e-mail.

Emerald Dragon

With the completion of the teaser patch, all the non dialog work on Emerald Dragon has come to an end. Only polishing remains in this area. This leaves us with the script. I’m waiting on some finished script so I can work on figuring out how I’m going to get it back into the game. I have spoken to the translation and he does intend to finish the script, but has very little time to do so at this time and has recommended I either get someone to help out or possibly even take over the script. So, if anyone out there is interested in taking over the Emerald Dragon script or just helping out, let me know either on the board or via e-mail. Emerald Dragon will probably stay in hibernation until I get some script.

Tenshi No Uta

Right before my little vacation, I was working on dumping the script to Tenshi No Uta. It is turning out to be more difficult than I thought. I was unable to successfully separate all the text from the garbage (code/pointers/etc..) it was mixed with. When I return to romhacking work, I will get back to work on trying to get a successful script dump. I also started to do a bit of menu work on the game and will resume that as well. Due to the lack of translators on Emerald Dragon and Wozz, Tenshi No Uta has become my main focus and will get the most attention.

Herakles IV

I got the chance to closely examine the script dump I did for Herakles IV. It turns out this is not the full script. I was unable to locate the rest of the script easily and thus it will require some more thorough investigation. The script that was dumped turned out well however, so I don’t foresee any technical problems there at this time.

So there you have it. We are in desperate need of translators for Wozz and Emerald Dragon. These games are very near to completion, but without a translator, they just continue to sit in limbo. So, spread the word! Get some translators so we can finally see an English release of Wozz and Emerald Dragon!! Hopefully, I’ll have some better news next time! Till then… TransCorp lives on!


24 December 2004 3:00AM
Happy Holidays! Here's a patch!

Happy Holidays everyone! As promised I have released something! I never let my fans down! I decided to release a teaser patch of current progress on Emerald Dragon. You can get it on the downloads page! This patch essentially has all the non dialog stuff done. This patch was released mainly for those people who play incomplete patches and as a gesture of good faith from Transcorp to show that we really are doing things here and will deliver in the end!

There are several minor glitches in this patch. Please check out the readme file for the details. I haven’t had a beta testing staff, so I’m going to rely on some of you! If you find any other glitches or things that untranslated other than those that are mentioned in the readme, please report them on the message board or in an e-mail to me!

Thanks for sticking with us this year and having faith and believing in us even though no full releases were made. Thanks for your support! Happy Holidays!


14 November 2004 3:00AM
Progress rides on the cold air!

Winter air is upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere, however along with that cold air comes a good deal of progress here at Transcorp! While there hasn’t been any deliverables to the fans as of yet this year, I plan on cooking up some sort of Christmas surprise for everyone. Unfortunately, I can’t provide you with any full releases because I just don’t have any translated scripts in my hands, but I will bring you all something nonetheless! With that said.. on to the news!


Johnny informed me that his work on Wozz was completed! This concludes all of the graphical hacking and a good deal of menu work. ChrisRPG is also close to finishing his work on Wozz as only an 8×8 VWF and some menu polishing remain! We probably could have had some sort of beta release by the end of the year if we had a script. That concludes the good news on Wozz.

The bad news is I haven’t heard from Akujin since April and I have no choice but to continue under the assumption that he may never return. If he pops up sometime with a script, that’s great, but as of now, I officially declare that Wozz has no translator and am looking for another! So, anyone who has an interesting in translating the Wozz script, pop by the message board or send me an e-mail. The script is the only thing holding this game from release!

Emerald Dragon

Leaps and bounds of progress has been made on Emerald Dragon. I have hacked this game to pieces. It has turned out to be on of the most challenging and tedious games I’ve worked on to date. I have been unable to make a single change without having to hack something up to make it work. Hacks have ranged from 16 to 24-bit pointer hacks, window hacks, DMA hacks, decompression routine hacks, VRAM hacks, and almost anything else you can think of! Many hours have been put into translating all the menus and hacking in items, weapons, and armor. As you can see from the screenshots, I took a two line item approach to Emerald Dragon which is very similar to what I did with Dual Orb 2.

I finished rough hacking for the shop menus and all the main menus. A good deal of polishing still remains as well as a few missed sections as you can see. But the hard work is over for the all menus aside from the battle menus, which I haven’t done yet. The script is also coming along well. 50 blocks have been completed totaling about 16% or so. The progress page for Emerald Dragon was updated to reflect up to date progress. I’m going to attempt to finish up the menu work in the coming weeks so the only thing holding back this game will be the script.

Tenshi No Uta

Tenshi No Uta has also seen a good deal of progress lately. I wrote a decompressor, found and decompressed the entire script, and have been working on a dumper. This game needs a custom dumper to handle text extraction from its complex scripting blocks handling much more than just text. With a little more investigation and fixing up, I will dump the rest of the script and send it off to a potential translator and begin work on the menus. The dialog work was already mostly complete from several months ago and a pretty large chunk of progress has been completed.

I’ll see you all again for a Christmas update next month. I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be providing, but I’ll be providing something! I predict that hacking work will be completed soon after the new year on Wozz, Emerald Dragon, and with a little luck Tenshi No Uta also. Translated Scripts are holding things back. In any event, at long last we’ll be seeing some more releases come out of Transcorp, which have been a long time in the making!


05 August 2004 3:00AM
Today's Special is.. Emerald Dragon!

Once again, it’s been ages since I’ve updated. That’s basicaly due to the fact that everytime I want to update, I keep thinking I want to get one more thing done first and that one thing ends up leading to another thing and another etc.. That and increased time spent with a special certain someone ;) So, I finally drew the line in the sand and here’s the update!

To start things off, I’ve updated the links page with several new links. I’ve been wanting to do that for a very long time now. I’ve added people I should have had on there a long time ago as well as a few SNES development sites!

Emerald Dragon

Focus has shifted to Emerald Dragon recently and much work has been accomplished. As you can see from the screenshots, I’ve been hacking away at the menus! They have been a nightmare plauged with various technical problems. Some of them still remain as you can see from the screenshots. I attempted to expand every menu and put in full text, but I ran into some limitations in VRAM(which would be a nightmare to get around and I won’t touch it) as well as actual screen space limitations. I may need to make the move to a smaller font to finish the menus. This will save on VRAM space AND screen space. Unfortunately, that means redoing all the menus with the new font table(The menus now share the dialog routines and tables.) I’d rather no have to do that, but it looks like it may be necessary. In any event, the menus are coming along nicely.

In other ED news I have at long last dumped the entire script! After battling with one of the worst text storage systems ever, I have finally gotten it all out! At this point I actually have a potential translator to do the script. We’ll have to see how that works out. I don’t even want to think about the inserter at this point.


Due to ChrisRPG’s hardships over the past couple of months, Johnny’s focus shift to his other projects, and my lack of drive to fix that nasty inserter bug and work on ED instead has left Wozz progress on vacation for the past few months! All three of us are ready to get back to business though. Estimates from ChrisRPG and Johnny call for them to finish up their work on the project by fall(which translates into hopefully this year in reality =) ) and other than fixing that nasty inserter bug and polishing things up, I can’t do a thing because Akujin is missing again. Never fear, he’s been missing for months at a time before, so I expect him to turn up eventually. I think he took a haitus last summer without telling anyone. Wozz is so close, yet so far from completion.

Next up on the horizon, aside from more ED menus, is to dump the script to Tenshi No Uta and Herakles IV. These projects sure do take a long time, but things are still moving forward as always! So, with that in mind I bid you all farewell until the next update!


08 May 2004 3:00AM
New Look, same old Nightcrawler!

Well, as you can see, the sight has gotten a major facelift for the first time in nearly a decade! Well.. about 8 years to be exact. I designed the base of this page in late 1996! The entire site was upgraded and VALIDATED to the latest CSS and XHTML Strict standards! That was quite the task being that the pages were coded in broken HTML transitional to begin with! I think it’s a major improvement and to celebrate we have a patch release! We also have some great progress to report on Wozz. So, read on!

Dual Orb 2

Although Transcorp is looking new, we’re going retro too with a new Dual Orb 2 patch release! That’s right.. almost a year and half after the initial release, here are new patches(for both A and B version)! At long last, the Hilandian Church bug has been fixed along with many script bugs. I would list what was fixed, but I lost my list long ago. The reason this patch took so long was I always meant to fix more bugs, but never did. So, I compiled what fixes I did implement and decided to release a final patch. These patches are for a ROM *WITH* a header since I play on a copier.

It should also be noted that NSRT and GoodSNES now show that the ROM my patch was based on was an overdump! this new set of patches works on BOTH the original overdump and the correctly dumped ROM! Thanks goes out to Nach for the initial information and for finally getting my butt in gear! This will be the official final release of Dual Orb 2. Remaining bugs/issues will not be fixed, most notably the Scan spell text. I have no more desire to work on Dual Orb 2. So, go get the new patches from the download page!


First, I’d like to apologize for glorifying ChrisRPG’s contributions to the Wozz project last week and not give any credit to another individual involved in the project who has done even MORE work! That man.. is Johnny! Johnny needs no words said.. this list of things accomplished speaks for itself! Wozz is destined to have one hell of a quality release showing the passion and talent of all of us involved in the project. So, here’s what magic Johnny has been able to add to the magical land of wozz!

  • - Located all data for positioning menus and data contained within them
  • - All new English graphics including Title Screen, and menu heading graphics.
  • - Implemented DMA code to handle the above aforementioned graphics
  • - Worked on relocating inserted english 8×8 text to expanded area.
  • - Worked on formatting 8×8 text blocks for nice insertion.
  • - Updated ending game screen graphics to reflect more meaningful English.
  • - Added 8 letter character naming and made adjustments to fit in menus.

Hot on the heels of his already astounding progress he plans on implementing a few two line hacks for items and descriptions etc. as well as be involved with ChrisRPG on a possible 8×8 VWF font. It looks like the 8×8 stuff is all in good hands with these guys!

Nothing major to report as far as my other projects go. I came down with a case of pneumonia for about 2 months and then I spent too much time on the website redesign, but it was a nice break from hacking! That’s about it for this time! Goodbye! *Poof*


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