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06 September 2007 5:05PM
Shining Like an Emerald

It looks like TransCorp kicked into high gear after sobering up from the 10th anniversary celebration! Vast amounts of progress has been made on Emerald Dragon as can be seen by those screen shots! An additional gallery of screen shots can be found on the Emerald Dragon project screen shots page. Plenty of great new eye candy from several areas of the game can be found there.

[headline]Emerald Dragon[/headline]

I last left off trying to better organize and rebuild the project work so far. I did just that. I redid some of the script engine hacking and took care of all the bugs that used to be there. The project was completely reorganized and is probably now my best organized project yet. Pat on the back to Nightcrawler for getting his act together!

After that, I tackled coding the inserter module for the latest generation of my personal hacking utility, which already contains a flexible dumping/insertion core and GUI shell interface to work with multiple projects. I was dreading and procrastinating this step due to the text storage of Emerald Dragon, however it turned out to be much less painful than I originally thought. I came up with a pointer relocation hack that had no observable side effects to simplify the process.

I completed the inserter and went to work inserting and testing the script. I’ve gone through and inserted about 20% so far and plan to hit 100% by the end of this coming weekend. Once I’m confident the entire script can be inserter with no issues, we’ll be good to start beta testing in this area.

In other news, I had finished all the non dialog hacking with my previously released patch. However, the latest changes made to the project has broken that work. So, I must go through and touch it up to conform to the new standards I put in place. It shouldn’t take too long, but it will delay the start of beta testing.

So, that pretty much sums it up. Things are coming along great and early game tests of the inserted script indicates a smaller number of issues, as opposed to Wozz, that will need to be looked at during beta testing. If all goes well, some rough first round beta testing by myself should be able to begin in a week or two. A full on beta test start will depend on how many obvious issues I come across during my rough run through.

However you look at it, the end of the Emerald Dragon project is in site. Keep checking back for additional information. I expect to have some mini updates in the forum soon.


25 July 2007 8:58PM
TransCorp Celebrates 10 years!

It’s hard to believe, but TransCorp has been in action for over 10 years now! Above, you can see the original TransCorp logo that was there on Day 1. To celebrate, I decided to give TransCorp a little face lift and an upgrade on the back end of the site to facilitate the next 10 years! =) I have several ideas brewing in my head to revitalize things around here, but I don’t like empty promises, so I won’t mention any until I can bring them to life.

One fun idea I did start was to get all the TransCorp news into a searchable news archive. I’ve currently archived back to 2004 and I’m working back to the 2001 re-launch. I’m not sure how many news updates I still have before that point if any, but I think I can dig up a few. But, that’s the future.

Next, the present. Those of you that have been visiting over the past months have probably thought TransCorp was headed for the coffin. Not so! I haven’t updated over the past few months because in conjunction with working on a large ROMhacking.net upgraded until June, I’ve had some rough days in my personal life and have been struggling with several issues including health problems, professional problems, and other things. I don’t intend to turn my news update into an emo blog, so that’s all I have to say about that. Life happens unfortunately, but we’re still going and that’s a fact! On to the good news!

[headline]Emerald Dragon[/headline]

I have resumed work on Emerald Dragon. It’s certainly slower moving than I’d like it to be though. It’s become very difficult to manage projects that span several years time. I thought I had completed all non dialog work from my last Emerald Dragon patch release, however I found a few nasty bugs. One of which only appears on the real hardware and seems to fast forward through text. So, what I’ve been doing is going back through my work, and building it back up so that I can see what’s the cause of some of these issues. In the process, I’m getting reorganized with the project and reacquainted with some game code after such a long break.

I’ve been putting off tackling the inserter as I know it’s going to be a painful task due to the text storage format of this game. I would like to shoot for a Christmas beta with dialog inserted, but with big set backs going on in my personal life, it may not be achievable. I’ll know better as time goes on. TransCorp was never known for timely project releases, but the projects do get completed and released eventually which is more than can be said for all the ‘come and never finish overnight sensations’ I’ve seen in the past 10 years. =)

[headline]History of Translation Corporation[/headline]

Now since we’re working backwards in this update and have seen the future and the present, it’s only natural that we should visit the past. I thought it would be fun to write up a little history of TransCorp for those that may not know.

I may add more details and perhaps some images to this article. So, consider it a work in progress. Cheers to 10 years of TransCorp History and to at least 10 more!

The History of Translation Corporation


05 February 2007 3:24PM
2007 Agenda

Looks like Nightcrawler is back and safe from some truly amazing experiences in Africa to say the least. Climbing the tallest freestanding mountain on Earth and being mere feet away from a free roaming lion was a hell of a time! Having no hot water was not! Awesome nonetheless.

With Wozz released, I’ve been taking a break from hacking over the past few weeks. And I will probably continue with this hacking ‘down time’ for a few more. I’m always juggling more things in life than I have time for, so I will be devoting my attention to some other matters for awhile. 2007 is a new year and it’s always a good time to reorganize your thoughts and plans. As far as TransCorp goes, we have some goals established for the near future.

Emerald Dragon

Work will resume on Emerald Dragon. Primarily that means script insertion time! This one is going to be a heck of a task. I’ve sort of been putting it off. Emerald Dragon’s text storage is not very hacker friendly. I will need to write some custom code to handle this insertion without breaking the game. It may throw me loopy and confuse me for awhile with all it’s nested pointers and redundant data. After putting a hole or two in the wall and recovering from a bruise or two on my head, I’m sure I will be able to work something out! Let’s look forward to some potential upcoming screenshots of that in progress!

Herakles IV

Herakles IV is also ready for some additional dialog work. At this point we have a full script dump that we are happy with. We are accepting a translator for this project at this time. Anybody interested pop by on the board or e-mail me. While I’m in inserter writing mode with Emerald Dragon, I’ll also be taking a look at what will be necessary for insertion on Herakles IV. With a little luck, we won’t be that far away from some nice progress screenshots here as well.

In other Herc IV news, DaMarsMan has recently done some work on Herc IV to pick up my recent slack! His work includes a two line item hack, and various bits of menu work. I will be collaborating with him and we’ll put together a nice eye candy filled update for next time!


Thus far, only one single minor issue was reported. There is one untranslated battle text string with Vangas. At this point, no followup patch is scheduled. We’ll see if any other issues are discovered. Hats off to the beta testing team once again for apparently doing a wonderful job. Only one issue reported two months after release. Not half bad!

Cold weather sucks. I’m not updating again until it gets warm! Oh yeah, I think a TransCorp revamp will take place this year. I’ve had some ideas to revitalize this place for a long while, but never brought them to life. Is this one of those traditional I’m not dead posts? I’m not really sure. Did I say anything worthwhile in this update? Who knows. I just felt like an emo teen again and just had to talk to the Internet because you’re the only people who understand! :P


03 December 2006 9:12PM
Christmas comes Early - Wozz 1.0 is RELEASED!

Some people claim I just may be Santa because I always deliver the goods for Christmas! This year I give to you a full English translation of Wozz! For those of you who want the big speech, oodles of information, and history, it’s all in the readme file. I recommend you all give it a read. Give me a few minutes of your time for several years of mine. Fair trade?

Christmas came early this year because I will be gone on a trip for most of December. So, catch me on the message board while you can with any issues or words of support before I go.

I really hope you’ll enjoy a culmination of 4 years worth of my passion for and dedication to this hobby and community. I freely and proudly give you the opportunity to play Wozz in English. Thank you to all who have given me words of support, all who have given a helping hand to the project, and the fans of TransCorp and our community. Take it, love it, cherish it!

Wozz 1.0 Patch Release

Wozz 1.0 Patch Release for ROMs w/ header


02 November 2006 11:00AM
The Projects that Never End

We’ve got a big round of status updates for all projects this update!


You’ve all already heard all the excuses in the book, so I’ll just keep it brief and say numerous delays and personal life have delayed Wozz’s release. I even had a code mix up and overwrote the latest version of my assembly hacks for the game. The extended delays frustrate me just as much as they do you. I’m estimating just a few more weeks. I’m not able to devote much time at all lately, so a few days worth of work gets extended to a few weeks unfortunately when striking it down one hour at a time. It will be completed this year and that’s a promise. I have never broken a hacking promise!

Herakles IV

Over the past few months, I found some motivation in the form of DaMarsMan’s (of Herakles III fame) interest to help out with work on this game as well. I started recoding my next generation of hacking tools for this one and decompressed and redumped the script to this game in what we believe to be it’s entirety. Anybody interested in translating this one, send me an e-mail or pop by on the board.

I’m hopeful that this potential partnership doesn’t end up in disaster and a year long setback like my last one. ) Instead, I have faith that this project may pick up some steam and be completed in a timely fashion. I wouldn’t mind seeing that. The catch of course is what exactly is ‘timely fashion’? Well, to quote a famous video game ‘It’s a secret to everybody’!

Emerald Dragon

I don’t think I ever announced this previously, but I did receive a completed script for this game a few months back from Eien Ni Hen. Thank you Eien! :) I’m hoping to code a module for my latest generation of hacking tools to be able to handle script insertion for Emerald Dragon. Script Insertion and some polishing is all that remains for work on Emerald Dragon.

Remember, I released a non dialog patch already that translates everything but the dialog. This one will probably be the next release after Wozz. In fact, I don’t anticipate it being too many months past Wozz before it can hit beta as there isn’t that much work left to do with it.

Tenshi No Uta

I believe I have a completed script from Liana on this game. However, she may have been working on one more edit. Nonetheless, this game is waiting on my attention to get moving. It’s ready for a script inserter module for my newest generation hacking tools that I’ve mentioned far too often in this news update!

Beyond that, I did some preliminary menu work. The menus are going to be a pain because they were stored as straight tilemaps from what I remember. Not hacker friendly. Maybe I’ll make a utility to deal with that for me, we’ll see. So, Tenshi No Uta has fallen into last place for closest to completion. I’ll have to give her some tender love and care and fix that. :)

So, there you have it. Despite sparse updates, there really is a good deal of progress that goes on behind the scenes. I’ll have you know I am busy with my hobbies every single day whether it be TransCorp projects, ROMhacking.net, or the several hobbies OFF the computer I have. I’m always active and I never quit. Don’t lose faith, because as always, in the end, I deliver.


31 August 2006 3:28PM
Some Extra Polish and Fluff

The Wozz Final Beta came to a close a few weeks ago. I did hit a several week long period that I couldn’t work on anything due to a horribly stressful, overtime filled few weeks at work, but things are back on track now. A good number of bugs were discovered, but they were all fixed! The game is fully playable from start to finish. Why no release then, you ask?

It’s all about the polish and fluff. Honestly, I could release a patch right now, but I am purposely holding out for a few reasons (queue the jeers):

  • Polishing. Misty, our Wozz script editor, is going to play through the game for the THIRD time, as the third character, for one more additional script edit. You can’t argue with wanting the script to be as good as it can possibly be. It will be worth the wait for a quality script. :)
  • Fluff. I’m working on a little thing of two I’m quietly going to include in the final patch. After 4 years of hard work, I’m going to leave my mark on this game. I shall say no more.
  • More Polishing. Due to my recent final decision to leave the items in an 8 character limit format (Another story for another time), I’m going to go through all the item names one more time to fix them up to better fit this format.
  • After over 4 years of working on this game, I think I deserve to hold back release while I finally, at long last, get to play the final product from start to finish.

When this patch is released, it will be the FINAL release. I don’t ever intend on working on this game again (Bar fixing one or two potentially undetected bugs). It has taken up a much larger chunk of time in my life than it’s worth and I will be happy to finally put closure to this project and never look back.

So, be patient, it will only get BETTER…


30 June 2006 10:47AM
Wozz Enters Final Beta

You heard right! Wozz has entered final beta. Over the past few weeks the beta testing team has been reporting everything from grammatical script errors to crashes while I have been fixing them one by one. I coded a nice little bug tracking system for the job and it has definitely kept things much more organized than ever before. Being that the game is different depending on which of the three characters you choose, testing and fixing bugs in this game is three times harder and it’s necessary!

A few of the testers are about 80% through the game and I have fixed about 75% of the reported bugs so far. So, things are moving along very well. I anticipate at least a few more weeks yet before everyone finishes and all bugs are fixed. After that I intend to do a final play through personally and take care of any last minute polishing I may decide to do.

This lengthy project is coming to a close. This game will be worth the wait though to anybody who likes humorous, satire-like RPGs. This game was pretty advanced for it’s time including primitive branching storylines depending on character, an invention system, vehicles, robots, a wide cast of characters, beautiful diversity of areas visited, and a good soundtrack to top it off! So, here’s to finally seeing the release of this game in the near future!


22 May 2006 10:00AM
Wozz 'n Cheese

Cheese usually goes good with everything and I couldn’t come up with a creative headline, so… there you have it! I have been very active with Wozz over the past two months. I have been giving out some mini board updates and I figured it’s about time I gave an official public update.

Let’s see, since the last update, I’ve finished the major hack I started a long time ago to address the root cause of many of the problems encountered in the first round beta test. Long story short, the routines and hack I originally created for English text were for the compressed main dialog. It was later discovered that some of the uncompressed battle text (which also used some of these routines) called assembled strings from RAM AND ROM rather than JUST RAM from the uncompressed location like the main dialog. Basically, my original code couldn’t handle all the different sources the text was coming from properly. While I did this, I also fixed a handful of bugs I discovered along the way as well as added all the missed strings from the original script dump. I then moved with an update to the inserter and it appears everything is inserted and working properly again! All the crashing bugs I tested from the initial beta test were gone.

After this, I sifted through a lot of the mess left over from the RPGOne incomplete work after the fallout. I went through and took care of missed and neglected 8×8 text such as the battle tactics menus and teleport location names. There were a few technical issues there as well. All the 8×8 text now has a translation. I’m not 100% happy with it because it’s really a hack job from Akujin’s old patch, Johnny’s incomplete work, and my own mashed over top of it to make it all work. However, I’m not about to redo it all the right way either at this time. The first public patch will have the 8×8 as is until the day comes where I become motivate to finish it the way it should have been from the start.

So, that pretty much brings us up to date. What’s next? I’ve got a few battle text messages and status effects that need to be done and that’s it. These are tough to find because they are all called or assembled individually via assembly code, so I can only see where they are coming from when I get them to happen on screen, which is a crapshoot.

A second round beta test is about to begin to test the large amount of work that has been done over the past several months and work out the final kinks in the script and stomp any remaining bugs. The game should finally be playable from start to finish without crashing! )

The game has three playable characters and the dialog is different depending on who was picked. This has contributed to making the testing process and bug fixing process more difficult along with a pretty complex text storage system when it comes to SNES games. It’s been a tedious battle, but we’re winning and the war is nearly over. Wozz will be completed and that’s the bottom line because Nightcrawler said so!


20 March 2006 11:51AM
Dual Orb 2 PL - Polish Release!

Dual Orb 2 is still going strong several years after it’s original release thanks to some great hackers over at mteam! This new version is for all the Polish-speaking fans of the game. This translation is officially sanctioned by TransCorp and is based off the TransCorp English translation, but mteam is responsible for all the Polish work. They even corrected some bugs left over from the English translation! )

This patch is mostly complete. The story dialog is 100% completed however due to complexity of the main menus, they remain in English for now. Due to the lengthy Polish translations of the 8×8 text, the author decided to leave the 8×8 text in English. Even the two line item expansion from the English version was not enough space for suitable Polish translations according to the author.

The author took great care in beta testing the work completed was on this patch is top notch. If you speak Polish, you should definitely give this patch a try and learn about the wonderful game that is Dual Orb 2!

You can download the patch from mteam’s page or here on Transcorp.


26 February 2006 2:55PM
Pretty Quiet in the Room...

It’s been a long while since I’ve updated. We even SEEMED to skip Christmas this year at Transocrp! You know I’ve made it a habit of giving gifts to the community every Christmas, and this one was no different. However, this year I gave a gift that is probably much more valuable than any of my translations could possibly have been.

For those that don’t know what I’m talking about, December 23rd 2005, I launched ROMhacking.net. That has taken up a lot of my time and run me a bit thin, but that hasn’t changed anything with any of my translation projects. I’m still doing them, and progress is just as slow as it’s been since I joined the ‘real’ world several years ago. ; )

Another setback and contributing reason to no updates was back in December, I also bought myself a new computer! I got an AMD dual core X2 3800+ clocked at a nice 2.6Ghz each at the moment. Anyway, it took me a long time to build it, transfer all my programs, and get things up and running on the new machine. Due to some new file organization I did, it’s been a bit of task to pull my work and tools back together and get everything going smoothly again.

One last setback was the fact that it was really a pain in the rear to update Transcorp sometimes, so I wanted to do something about the news system first. My experiences with ROMhacking.net opened up a lot of doors for me. In fact, I loved the open news system I coded over there so much, I ported the code over here to Transcorp and converted the site to have database driven news! The site looks identical, but under the hood, it’s all dynamic, and I simply have to whip up this update in a form and can preview it exactly how it will look on the page. MUCH easier. I should have done this a long time ago! So, here’s your update as a result. I MIGHT even update the site more often, but I can’t make any promises. ;)

Regardless, I’ve been back in the saddle this past week and am trying to get back in gear. I have to take some time to ‘re-learn’ what I was doing in the last hack I was working on for Wozz. Back in the end of November, I learned what was probable cause of many of the script bugs. It was a shortcoming in one of my hacks to the script engine. It’s going to be a pretty large amount of work to fix it. I set out in December to try and fix it up and got about half way through, when I drifted away from it to get ROMhacking.net launched. So, now I need to try and get back to the point I was at mentally again after being away from it so long.

So, no need to worry. I’m still here, I’m still working, and nothing much has changed. :)


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