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15 July 2001 3:00AM
The Return of Translation Corporation!

Yes, Translation Corporation is back after a long absence from the translation scene. Most of you probably don’t remember us. For Nostolgia’s sake HERE is the link to our old page. We were working on ff3j until I was in a severe car accident. Now a new project has been introduced. Dual Orb 2 is the name of the game. Quite possibly could be one of the greatest RPGs out there for SNES. Only time will tell. All I can say is the music in this game is great and it seems like a wonderful gem of a game. Also, I have decided to keep the name Translation Corporation because of that cool animated logo and nostalgic reasons, however right now it is a one man team. It’s more of an independent translation as I am the only one currently working on it. I will recruit a translator however when I get a script dump because that I can’t do alone. Anyone interested in possibly joining me E-mail me. Also, since I have lost my contact list from years ago, if anyone that used to work on the ff3j project with me drop me a line. Even if I just talked to you on ICQ or something like that, it will be fun to hear from you!


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